Positive & Negative Resistance Ab Wheel

The resistance required to maintain balance and a straight back while controlling the wheel works your abs, arms and back all at once.

Perfect for individuals of any skill and fitness level, our ab wheel features dual no-skid wheels and no-slip foam grips.

Of course there are dozens of bulky, overblown ab machines out there, but there’s an easy and economical way to sculpt your abs, arms and back, all with one handy piece of equipment that fits just about anywhere: an ab wheel.


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  • Portable, Easy to use & Lightweight.
  • Cut abs and a strong core are beautiful things. but let’s face it: nobody likes sit-ups. and without a partner to hold your feet in place, they get messy and inconsistent.
  • Unlike a lot of expensive ab machines on the market, ab wheels don’t work on gimmicks. to use, simply assume the push up position, lower your knees onto the provided pad, and grab the handles.
  • Tense your abs and push the wheel forward with the your back perfectly straight, using your shoulders and forearms to maintain balance. stop pushing the moment you feel your abs start to stretch, then return to the original position. that’s it.


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Non Slip Knee Mat Included


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