Apple iPhone XS Max Review

ShopinJA E-Commerce Comments 0 October 23, 2018

The iPhone X was not just a milestone for Apple. It also turned out to be the cornerstone the next generation of iPhones is being built around. And while the anniversary iPhone wowed everyone, many people voiced their wish for a Plus size model after the excitement had worn off. And this year Apple is righting this wrong with the iPhone XS Max.

We have to admit we used all of our jokes on the iPhone XS review. But coming up with the iPhone XS Max name is probably the biggest joke anyway. Two letters, but one is a Roman numeral – we learned to deal with that. But the Max moniker after the XS name, well, this is funny everywhere on the globe.

The iPhone XS Max is a wish come true for all of you who wanted an X Plus. The Max has a massive 6.5″ bezel-less OLED display, the fastest chipset on the planet, an improved dual-camera, louder speakers, and the largest battery the iPhones have seen to date.

The iPhone XS didn’t seem to pack enough punch to make a reasonable iPhone user upgrade, but the Max is an entirely different story. If you wanted an X with a bigger screen you’ve probably pre-ordered and you have a tracking number in your mailbox already.

Nobody doubted that a bigger iPhone would have costed more. But the iPhone XS Max is not just the most expensive iPhone yet. It’s the most expensive smartphone there is right now. And despite what we’d expect, this didn’t turn down the fans, quite the opposite – the iPhone XS Max is massively outselling the XS.

Well, we have the Apple iPhone XS Max in our office, so let’s see what the fuss is all about, shall we?

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